Problems We Solve

Reduce Cancellations and increase chair occupancy

I don’t know any dental or medical business that isn’t affected by cancellations. A thriving business should have near to full chair occupancy. Patients will give their reasons for cancelling but if you dig deeper their reason is more commonly because they do not have a good enough reason to return. You are not their priority. By helping you educate and communicate with your patients better will reduce the amount of cancellations more than inflicting penalties on your patient.

Accountable Marketing

Marketing and sales are one. There has been a massive shift in consumer behaviour in the past 10-20 years. Most consumers have made up their mind about choosing to purchase a product or service before they make contact with the company. Healthcare is no different. I work closely with a group of highly talented content marketers and in that I mean expert consumer communicators. Your education and therefore sales is beginning before your patients make contact with you – are you doing EVERYTHING you can?

Build a Strong Profitable Hygiene Room

I help you develop your processes through the philosophy of service design that puts your patients and your team at the heart of what you do. Ownership, responsibility and accountability are essential ingredients to drive a positive forward focused team. Stimulating the connection between business and clinical processes is very engaging and helps make your business and team stronger.

Do you need your team improved?

Vision, goals, people, processes and promotion skills equal a business that grows from helping your patients receive the best treatment.