Connect Coaching Services


 Many coaching companies will insist on doing things in a particular order – I don’t; we can work on your biggest priority and then address important but less urgent areas in time.
I run training and coaching days and packages designed for you and your team – how often do you go on a training course enthused by what you are going to do when you get back, only to get resistance or lack of understanding from your team? – Busy days usually lead to doing what you have always done.  Team buy in is critical to help formulate change.

Connecting Business and Clinical Processes

An excellent team member is only as good as the system or process that he/she conducts their work.

Lecture Speaker

Flo delivers presentations to the Dental and Aesthetic communities on business, communication and sales related topics. Coming from both perspectives as a clinician and business adviser she see’s and understands both clinical and business pressures and helps you connect the two.

Business Growth Consultancy

This is for businesses that are serious about transforming and growing their business. This is for the whole team, using service design. Service design helps you create amazing patient experiences. Design is all about people.

Your people are instrumental to the success of your product and service. I will help you create amazing patient experiences by working with your patients and your team to gain a real perspective of the service you provide. I help your people create business and clinical processes to grow your business and we connect them together to create harmony that attract, help and retain your ideal patients.

I of course work closely with you the business owner with leadership guidance, creating strategies, and sometimes 1-1 coaching if it is needed.

What will this look like?

I work with you and your team every 1-3 month. You will have my complete business manual as a reference as well as full support during the duration of your growth and development journey.

  • Business Discover Phase
  • Patient Experience Mapping
  • Team development
  • Attracting and building great patients
  • Business and Clinical process design
  • Patient Maintenance programmes
  • Developing Treatment and Maintenance Programmes
  • Retaining Lifelong Patients

Training and Workshops

Sometimes businesses, don’t want a whole consultancy package and have very specific needs.
Training workshops-:

  • Strategies to attract more clients
  • Service Design Workshops
  • Patient communication on the telephone – a team approach
  • The Perfect New Patient Consultation
  • Developing treatment and maintenance plans
  • Communication with each other and with your patients
  • Selling vs. Helping

Dental Practice

Dental Practice

I can help you grow your dental practice. I do this through service design. I approach my work with my clients through getting to understand your people and your patients. Only then can I truly design processes that fit your business to enable growth and meet what you want your business to achieve.

Design is about people. People first, then processes and results follow! I help you with every aspect of your patient interactions through marketing, creating amazing patient expereinces, new patient consultation, loyalty processes and patient retention.

My 27 years in dentistry plus 10 years as a business coach along with my passion for people puts me in a really unique position to help you grow your business.

I come to your practice and work with you and your team either in my workshops or full buisness consultancy.

Medical Aesthetic Practices

Medical Aesthetic Practices

I can help to grow your aesthetic business. I have moulded the processes I help dental practices with and made them work in aesthetic businesses. These have been successfully tried and tested.

My 8 years practising aesthetics along with 27 in dentistry, 10 as a business coach and my passion for people put me in a truly unique position to help you grow your aesthetic business.

I do this through service design. I approach my work with my aesthetic clients through understanding their drive and ambition for the practice. I also get to know your people because they should be your biggest asset.

Service Design is a modern approach to business that put your patients and your people at the heart of your business. I help you design everything around marketing, developing the perfect patient consultation, creating maintenance plans, loyalty programmes, influencing referrals and client retention programmes.

I come to your business and work with you and your team either in my workshops or full business consultancy.

Do you need your team improved?

Vision, goals, people, processes and promotion skills equal a business that grows from helping your patients receive the best treatment.